She stands there at the window
A child of two or three
I wonder what she's thinking
As she's peering back at me.

Her dress is full of ruffles
Adorned with pretty lace
Eyes so wide and trusting
A smile upon her face.

I see her gently waving
Her spirit seems to say
Give me just a moment
I'll come outside to play.

I see another figure
A ghost from long ago
She stands there in the window
I know, this can't be so.

Her smile is warm and tender
She waves to me outside
She's softly blowing kisses
I brush my tears aside.

The face looks so familiar
I know this cannot be
The lady is my mother
The little girl was me.

2003 Marilyn Ferguson

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A Note About Marilyn Ferguson:

Marilyn is a new found friend and I'm quickly growing very fond of her. She has a sweet and gentle spirit, making it so easy to work with her, and I truly admire her writing talent. Her poetry is very much reflective of her love for and faith in our Lord. I love her straight to the heart, 'down home' style of writing about Jesus and life themes. I will be singing and doing recitations from some of her work in my upcoming projects. The Lord has opened the door for me to be able to work with some extremely talented songwriters and poets, and Marilyn is one of those persons. I will be updating my bio pages for writers who contribute to my ministry very soon and, of course Marilyn will be included so watch for new bios and news about the new albums, hopefully the first of them to be released in 2005.

This midi along with more of her wonderful compositions and/or performances
can be heard and purchased on CDs at Yuko's site.
Please visit this young lady's site and support her in her music.