What can one say about the 'First Lady' of Poetry!?

There have been many tributes to Virginia (Ginny) Ellis for her talent, her character, personality, and her giving nature. She is loved by many, admired by all who are acquainted with her work, and is a good friend to her fellow artists. It will be difficult to pay proper tribute to this gracious lady.


Ginny loves people!

She is one of the most accepting, pleasant natured persons I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She is always supportive, encouraging, and helpful to others whenever the opportunity arises. She has been that to me personally many times, and has always been there when I needed a nudge to go on or an acknowledgement of my own work.

You can tell a lot about a person by what they write. I believe we can see into Ginny's heart by way of her poetry. She is extremely intelligent and insightful, and most of all, she has a sweet, caring and loving spirit. These traits are all present in her writing and her treatment of others. No wonder she is so admired.

There are great writers and then there is Ginny!

Ginny has been richly endowed and wonderfully blessed with a natural talent and creative imagination. She has a way of looking at life and people, taking individual stories and events and creating delightful and unique poetry to tell those stories. Ginny's stories are sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, always entertaining, and always heartfelt and touching. The literary world has a treasure in this fine lady.


We Love Ginny!

On behalf of myself and the many others who love you and count you as a friend, I thank you, Ginny, for being there for us as a shining beacon of inspiration. I am so thankful that the Internet has allowed many of us who might never have had the chance, to benefit from your writing, to have known you as the precious person you are, and been able to call you friend!

You are much appreciated, GINNY!

Sincerely - With Love, Genelle

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