This weariness has been around too long

I'm tired of livin' every day so wrong

Loneliness is waitin' at my door

But I won't be alone anymore


This Heart ... It just won't take anymore

This Heart ... will never break anymore

This Heart ... sees the way of the cross

And Jesus is callin me home from the lost

This Heart ... won't be alone anymore

This Heart ... won't be a stone anymore

This Heart ... sees the Light of the Son

And His loving grace fell on this one ... this one.

Such emptiness has drained my life of joy

I'm through with being just a desolate void

All my sadness is in my yesterdays

From here on out I'll take another way

Chorus Repeats

Everything that I searched for in the shadows

Is now within my power to view

A blinding light from heaven follows

And everywhere I go then He goes too

Chorus Repeats Twice

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