Little jelly beans

Tell a story true

A tale of the Father's Love

Just for me and you


Green is for the waving palms

Blue for skies above

Brown for the earth where Jesus walked

To tell us of His love

A speckled bean for fish and sand

Red, His blood, that precious wine

And black is for the sin He washed

From your soul and from mine

Purple is for the robe He wore

To Calvary my friend

And white is for the glory

Of the day He rose again

~ Author Unknown ~

(just a little something different to add here)


Red is for the blood He gave

Green is for the grass He made

Yellow is for the sun so bright

Orange is for the edge of night.

Black is for the sins that were made

White is for the grace He gave

Purple is for the hour of sorrow

Pink is for the new tomorrow

Give a bag full of jelly beans

Colorful and sweet

Tell them it's a Prayer .... It's a promise

It's an Easter Treat!

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