If you've visited Norma's website, MY WONDERLAND, you've seen that she's a writer of stories, many of them written as old tales and fables. The stories are geared for children of all ages! (including me and all the young at heart) In her delightful style she points the reader to excellent moral values and godly principles, while using the beautiful graphics she creates herself to illustrate the stories. In fact, she made the little angel on this page! If you've never done so, I urge you to take a wonderland trip to Norma's site. You'll return again and again to her enchanting little home on the web!

If you've seen very many of my theme pages, you've no doubt seen the logo which reads: "By Norma" at the bottom of many of my pages. She has been so sweet and gracious to offer her custom websets to me, many of them made just for me. Norma is so generous with her time and talent, always anxious to share a new set or graphic. And she keeps in touch with me regularly, sharing the things she's doing or experiencing. Almost daily I receive a precious greeting, many times with a new surprise webset.

She's become a friend over time while we've kept in touch, and that friendship is very dear to me. Seldom do we meet someone like Norma, who is so open, sincere, and sweet in her attitude toward others.

Norma and her husband, Tom live in Texas and have a wonderful marriage of many years, now with grown children and grandchildren. They're committed Christians and one of their greatest loves is the study of the Word.

They do find time as well for all their animals. They have a natural love for God's little 'critters' and they do have quite a few! You can meet many of them on her personal pages at her website.

Norma loves Classical Music and the Victorian Era with all the frills, flowers and nostalgia that go with them, giving us something in common instantly! We both love the ladie's fashions of the era but admit that they would be quite uncomfortable if we really had to wear them!

In closing, I'll simply say that Norma has been not only a great contributor to my website, but has become a dear friend, and I feel like we're team members along with the many other precious ones who have a significant part in my online ministry. I'm proud to be a co-worker with her and thank the Lord for her presence in my life. She's been an angel to me .. and in fact, that's why I chose the picture of the sweet angel to use for this page.

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This is a picture of Norma .. She's as pretty as she is in her heart!