Being raised in a Christian home, some of my earliest memories are that of praying at the altar and feeling the presence of God. I felt a deep calling of God on my life. From time to time, my mother would have the three of us girls go through our toys and decide which ones we were willing to give away. I remember asking my mother if we couldn't send them overseas to children who had no toys.

Often when we children were introduced to people, my mother would pat me on the head and say, "This is my little missionary". She believed that I would one day serve in a foreign land.

I drifted along through my teenage years and did not walk close to the lord. Then at the age of 21, I made a new dedication of my life to serve the lord. I played the guitar at church, singing solos and duets. I taught Sunday School classes where ever needed; from primary through adult.

Although I never served personally as a missionary, I usually had something going on to raise money for missions. I taught children's groups at church and encouraged them to be mission minded.

A dear friend who had know me for many years asked me if I felt that I had missed my calling in life because I never went to the mission field. I said, "Oh no. I believe God put that desire in my heart so I could support those who were able to go." 

Throughout the years I had written poetry. Then I developed a strong desire to write children's stories. I tried, but I could not write anything worth reading. I thought of my oldest daughter and the ability she had for writing. She had started a story and laid it aside. I begged her to finish it. After some time I prayed a prayer that went something like this. " God, you have given my daughter such a wonderful talent to write, and she is not using it right now. It just seems that somebody should be using it. Could I at least use it while she isn't?"

Shortly after that, God began to give me stories to write. It was like stepping into storyland. Sentence by sentence I wrote just as a reader reads it line by line. Always wondering what was going to happen next. How many times my mouth dropped open in amazement. Never could I have written such wonderful stories except that God inspired me and gave me the words.  I give God the praise and glory for giving me the opportunity to serve Him with a variety of gifts he has so graciously allowed me to use.

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