I'd like to introduce you to Marjorie. I know her personally
and I can attest to her integrity, honesty, sincerity, and humility.
She has a great depth of feeling for others and is highly regarded
among her peers. She cares so deeply about the welfare of others
that she's affectionately known as "Mother Marj" to those persons
she diligently ministers to and counsels. She has a profound wisdom
and common sense about her, and she's a down to earth, real honest to
goodness 'home spun' lady who can relate to just about anyone in any
walk of life or situation. She's a compassionate, caring Christian who
desires the best of everything for everyone. She's gifted as an encourager
and uses that gift in a straightforward way, telling it like it is with love
and sweetness that uplifts, never tearing down. Add all that to the fact
that she's a wonderful teacher of the Word, and a gifted writer and artist,
and you have Marjorie, my friend, and precious friend to many!

Marjorie Castleberry
Artist and Writer


Here's a little bit about Marjorie from her own pen and From Her Heart!

Whatever I have done in life that is worth mentioning has been governed by inspiration and blessings from the Lord. Without Him, I would be nothing but a bag of bones and a puff of hot air. Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights in Whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning (ref. James 1:17). If it is good, then it is from Him. I have nothing to brag about. I have plenty for which to be thankful.

I am a Georgia native, but lived 21 years of my adult life in Dallas, TX. I have been writing since childhood. In 1975 in prayer, I dedicated my writing totally to the Lord. I asked Him to tell me what to write about, and I would write it. I have followed that since that day. In the late '70's I accepted the call to minister to shut-ins, the terminally ill and their families for my church in the Dallas area. I headed up that work for 10 years. The Lord guided me and my group of 35 workers by impressions I would get. I left the list of over 100 people on my breakfast table. Many times when I would walk by, I would be impressed to call a particular person, or their visitor. It would always be just the right time and a need would be filled. The Lord blended the work for Him with rearing three children and taking care of our home. Only the Lord could have made it all work productively.

My children often accompanied me to visit or make a call at the funeral home. Today, each has a particularly warm spot in their hearts, and gifts, for reaching out to those who cross their paths. My son is a minister, my two daughters serve by helping others. At different times, I worked as a teacher's aide and artist, as receptionist at a university department and then as manager of a law office. Due to concerns for my elderly father, I moved back to Georgia in 1991. I continued writing while working in Atlanta until I retired last September. I have continued to head up Evergreen Prayer Team which grew from a small circle of relatives and friends. It is set up via e-mail. Due to health problems, I have to pace my work at home and family activities. I balance my time with reaching out to others through my writing and whatever service I can be.

The Lord impressed me to write about callings that people have and how each person has one or several. I talked with a minister's wife. She was speaking her heart when she was talking about how hard it is for her husband and her to do all the visiting for the church he pastors. We began talking of the fact that each person in the church has been given a gift and if they listen, a calling, to help with the Lord's work. Somehow, that conversation kept growing. Soon, I was writing my first Callings issue (Issue 3) on Abraham. Then I followed that line hitting high spots with subsequent issues till the issue on Jehu was published. There are so many stories of callings in the Bible, I could write the rest of my life and never cover them. It has been an inspiration and encouragement to me as I have considered how ready to obey and go those have been who are called. It has also served as warning to me of what it means to misuse or deny a calling.

Everything does work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose! I had to put the callings pages on hold when my father's condition worsened. He died at age 98 June 15, 2004. I hope to continue the callings series at some point if the Lord impresses me that is the way to go. You can read the series by following the link provided on this page for my web site at Marjorie's World.

I pray each time that I pen something that some word, phrase or sentence will stick in the mind of some reader and minister to them according to their needs. If that happens even a few times, I am blessed and the time and effort is well spent. I believe that judgment is reserved to the end, because good and evil are passed down through the generations. I pray to pass much good down through the generations that follow me in my family, through friends and those who read what I write. I pray for the rewards of that day when we will be with the Father, for I want many rewards to throw at His feet, for they are His. He is the beginning and the end. I can claim nothing other than the salvation full and free given to me by the Father when He gave His only Son to save me from my sins. Come blessed, Lord Jesus, Savior of the world.

In Jesus name and in His love, Marjorie

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