Let me introduce you to Dotty. I met her through her wonderful poems online.
She has impressed me with her sincere love for the Lord and His inspiration
in her work. Dorothea is a warm and caring lady who has that team spirit and
unselfish motive in her goals that causes her to want to share everything that our
Heavenly Father gives to her. She regards her talent as belonging to the Lord and
herself a steward of the gifts. Dotty is always ready and willing to help other writers
and artists get started and established in their own ministries. She is by now very well
established in her ministry. She's had many webmasters use her poetry and other
inspirational writing. I can honestly recommend Dorothea as a person, a talented poet
and a sweet Christian sister. I've appreciated her contribution to my ministry online and
her willingness to share her work with me, making a precious addition to my website.
As you read her poems I know you'll come to love her and appreciate her as I do.



Now Hear From Dorothea's Own Pen

The following excerpt is from a letter Dorothea handed out in her store about the poem and how God started Handmaiden Creations.

"Several years ago, God put in my heart the poem entitled, "A Letter Home," by waking me around 2 am with the words burning in my heart. I brought it to church, showed my pastor and told him I had no idea why God would impress such a poem on my heart. He read half-way down, turned to me and said, "Marsha's daughter died this week." Marsha was a good friend of our Pastor's daughter. I gave him the poem to pass on to her. The following Sunday, the pastor told me, "Dotty, that poem ministered to her. About half-way down she started thanking the Lord." I asked which verse, and he replied, the one that says, "I see feet that once were crippled now walk firmly on the ground." Oh has that humbled me! I am a nothing and to think that God used me to write a poem that helped someone brought tears to my eyes. You see, her 7-year old daughter had cerebral palsy and had never walked unaided. My pastor said, "Dotty, you can't keep hiding these poems. God has blessed you with a gift to write. Now use it for His glory." I've been doing so ever since."

In a 3-year period of time, over 50 poems were published in various Christian magazines.

The poem "A Letter Home" was the beginning of my ministry to others, Handmaiden Creations, where I can reach out to others that are hurting and give a message from God ... that He cares about each and every one of us. Since that time, I started putting these poems on glossy backgrounds and selling them for a nominal fee, just enough to cover the cost of the materials and printing (on a laser printer). "A Letter Home' is printed on Artist, Danny Hahlbohm's beautiful print "Welcome Home," a background of Jesus hugging someone. It is also printed on a background of Jesus with a child (for those who lost a child).

We personalize the poems for you (i.e., Dear (and wife's name or child's name) and Love (your name or Grandma or whatever you choose). These make a very special remembrance and many people have used these in place of sending a sympathy card.

I pray over all of the poems before they are written. I take notes on all the Sunday School lessons and preaching and often God will have my notes come out in rhyme. Many of the stronger, evangelistic poems (which I'm currently putting into a book which will be entitled "The Fields are White to Harvest") come out of the preaching of ministers of a variety of denominations.

Other poems I specifically pray for God to "lay on my heart" what He wants the person to hear. These are the tender poems (like "God's Special Child") which I thought would be easy to write but couldn't get past the first verse until I closed my eyes and turned it over to God. About 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning when I was too tired to give any of my input, God was able to let HIS WORDS flow and it has blessed many people of handicapped (or "special needs" as I prefer to call them) children.

Your servant,
Dorothea Barwick

Contact Dotty at: handmaidencreations@sc.rr.com

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